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Learn More About Our Limited Workmanship Warranty


Guildwood Roofing ensures quality roofing services on your properties. We stand behind our roofing work by offering limited warranties on all services performed. Also, we offer free estimates on all our services. Contact us now for more details.

Our Limited Workmanship Warranty

Feel secure with our 10-year workmanship warranty on sloped roof installations or 5-year workmanship on flat roof installation. 

Every roof installed by Guildwood Roofing is covered for any roof failure caused by a defective installation for a period of 10 years for sloped roofs or 5 years for flat roofs from the date of installation. Exclusions include:

Damage caused by third-party installations or repair
Defects in the material or colour variations
Property damage due to natural causes, high force winds (over 80 km/h), ice damming, hail damage
Damage caused by animals


Roofing repairs are not included in Guildwood Roofing’s workmanship warranty program. Our workmanship warranty is non-transferable between owners.

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